Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boy, has this been a lively spring! The last few weeks we have had weather overload--severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and high winds.  and rain...boy, have we had rain!!We've been we've been in a stalled weather pattern for several days with several more to go.  The storms have been rough and I mean ruff.  We lost 2 trees last night (third this year, bummed).  One tree just missed the house because it hit the satellite dish (4 feet from house) and slid down the pole.  Wow.  Thank you God.

I've had a "turrrible" sore throat for a week or more.  It keeps getting worse and now has my whole mouth/tongue involved.  Hard swallowing and yuk all over. Very medical description I know-what can I say? I'm definitely medically challenged. 

You'd think I might lose a pound or two from this---the only good thing, but no.  Darn....

Hubs says he's gonna hog tie me and haul me to the doc. Hate to go just for them to say "You have a sore throat".  What else can a sore throat be?

Have a wonderful and blessed week!