Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boy, has this been a lively spring! The last few weeks we have had weather overload--severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and high winds.  and rain...boy, have we had rain!!We've been we've been in a stalled weather pattern for several days with several more to go.  The storms have been rough and I mean ruff.  We lost 2 trees last night (third this year, bummed).  One tree just missed the house because it hit the satellite dish (4 feet from house) and slid down the pole.  Wow.  Thank you God.

I've had a "turrrible" sore throat for a week or more.  It keeps getting worse and now has my whole mouth/tongue involved.  Hard swallowing and yuk all over. Very medical description I know-what can I say? I'm definitely medically challenged. 

You'd think I might lose a pound or two from this---the only good thing, but no.  Darn....

Hubs says he's gonna hog tie me and haul me to the doc. Hate to go just for them to say "You have a sore throat".  What else can a sore throat be?

Have a wonderful and blessed week! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hey everyone!  It's officially spring but the weather doesn't seem to realize that.  Grass is growing and trees are budding.  Peach trees are blooming and they are beautiful!  BUT the temperature won
t cooperate.  One day 70's next day 40's - well...I guess that is spring weather isn't it?  I need some 70's though.  I want a lamp spray painted and it needs to be at least 70 degrees.  I want the lamp to be a metallic silver so that it will catch a reflect light.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful and blessed day!  TaTa for now.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yes, she still lives!  I'm here, I'm here.  I'm getting a bit faster in making my cards.  When I first started making cards, it would take me weeks to make one.  I would agonize  over each card.  My chest would get tight, etc.  I didn't trust anything I did AND if there was something I didn't like I couldn't just "eyeball" it to know how to fix it.  I felt I just had to have it perfect!  I watched all kinds of videos and tutorials.  Finally, I got the message--just do it.  I can't improve unless I'm doing something to improve upon.  OK.  I'm still anal about the cardmaking but I have gotten better and faster.  I don't agonize (as much)  and find I'm really enjoying it more!  Now I've got to practice with photos and how to get good ones.  I also need a little setup to take good photos.  Any ideas?  Remember my New Year's "suggestions"?  Well, I have been doing better.  Better at cooking more often, house, and especially the cards!!  WOOHOO.

Have a good blessed day!


Monday, January 13, 2014

airbornewife's stamping spot: OWH MWT ~ Holiday/Winter Themed Cards in Multiples#links

I tried to copy pics but all I got was the link.  Still have a lot to learn!  Anyway, go check out airborne wife's blog.  She is great and is a cardmaking Machine! 

airbornewife's stamping spot: OWH MWT ~ Holiday/Winter Themed Cards in Multiples#links 

Monday, January 6, 2014

BRRRRR.  It's beyond cold here.  Our normal daytimes here are in the mid 40's.  Today the high was 16.  Low for tonight is 5 with windchills feeling like -10.  I am definitely not made for this.  I usually don't even wear a coat.  Not now though,  give me coats, lots of coats and wool socks and hats and gloves and anything else that will keep me warm. 

Something wonderful happened to me today.  I won in the Season of Giving blog hop.  I never win anything and I WON.  Wonderful start to 2014.  Thank you to Maria Levine at

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello D'aahlins.  I'd like to share with you an organization that does great work!  Operation Write Home is a group of people who make blank handmade cards that are sent to our military for their use to send home to family and friends.  After all, where they are there aren't any Wal-marts or drugstores on any corner.  Can't make cards you say?  YOU CAN STILL HELP!  There is another part called Any Hero Mail.  These are personal messages, notes, letters that are included with the boxes and are give to our military members, especially those that don't receive alot of mail.  Our heroes have said that the Any Hero mail is often passed around and lifts their spirits and encourages them.  It's easy.  Just jot and note or letter of thanks or encouragement, on real paper/card-these aren't emails, share as much or as little as you like about yourself.  Write as many as you want.  Then send them to Operation Write Home, address on the OWH website.  AND  of course, all monetary donations are greatly needed, postage on all those boxes of cards going to our service members gets really high.  $$ donations can be made - go to  Our military is and has done so much for us and we can help them by saying thanks and bring a smile to their day.  If you know someone who is or has served, say thanks, maybe give them a hug.  I've got one at home-he'll get a hug and a kiss, and my two brothers-in-law both served.  Thank you, you'll get a hug when I see you.  My grandfathers-PawPaw and PaPaw, daddy and brother also served.  Thank you so much.  I know this is long, but this is important to me.  Sooo  smile (make someone's day) and say HI