Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hey everyone!  It's officially spring but the weather doesn't seem to realize that.  Grass is growing and trees are budding.  Peach trees are blooming and they are beautiful!  BUT the temperature won
t cooperate.  One day 70's next day 40's - well...I guess that is spring weather isn't it?  I need some 70's though.  I want a lamp spray painted and it needs to be at least 70 degrees.  I want the lamp to be a metallic silver so that it will catch a reflect light.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful and blessed day!  TaTa for now.



  1. Hi Becki, Thanks for leaving me some wonderful comments for the OWH bloghop and for becomeing a new follower. Good luck in starting your blog and I'd be happy to follow you when you add a gadget for followers. Take care and God Bless. Amy A.

    1. Hi Amy. Thanks for responding. As you can tell I'm green as a gourd on this blogging. If you don't mind can I ask you a question? What is a gadget for followers? and where do I find it? I tried to find something about it but no luck. Thanks

  2. Hey, I thought you’d like to know I gave you & your blog a “Shout Out” on my Feature Friday post today. Thanks for being a follower of all things beautiful. Take care. Amy A.