Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello D'aahlins.  I'd like to share with you an organization that does great work!  Operation Write Home is a group of people who make blank handmade cards that are sent to our military for their use to send home to family and friends.  After all, where they are there aren't any Wal-marts or drugstores on any corner.  Can't make cards you say?  YOU CAN STILL HELP!  There is another part called Any Hero Mail.  These are personal messages, notes, letters that are included with the boxes and are give to our military members, especially those that don't receive alot of mail.  Our heroes have said that the Any Hero mail is often passed around and lifts their spirits and encourages them.  It's easy.  Just jot and note or letter of thanks or encouragement, on real paper/card-these aren't emails, share as much or as little as you like about yourself.  Write as many as you want.  Then send them to Operation Write Home, address on the OWH website.  AND  of course, all monetary donations are greatly needed, postage on all those boxes of cards going to our service members gets really high.  $$ donations can be made - go to  Our military is and has done so much for us and we can help them by saying thanks and bring a smile to their day.  If you know someone who is or has served, say thanks, maybe give them a hug.  I've got one at home-he'll get a hug and a kiss, and my two brothers-in-law both served.  Thank you, you'll get a hug when I see you.  My grandfathers-PawPaw and PaPaw, daddy and brother also served.  Thank you so much.  I know this is long, but this is important to me.  Sooo  smile (make someone's day) and say HI

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