Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yes, she still lives!  I'm here, I'm here.  I'm getting a bit faster in making my cards.  When I first started making cards, it would take me weeks to make one.  I would agonize  over each card.  My chest would get tight, etc.  I didn't trust anything I did AND if there was something I didn't like I couldn't just "eyeball" it to know how to fix it.  I felt I just had to have it perfect!  I watched all kinds of videos and tutorials.  Finally, I got the message--just do it.  I can't improve unless I'm doing something to improve upon.  OK.  I'm still anal about the cardmaking but I have gotten better and faster.  I don't agonize (as much)  and find I'm really enjoying it more!  Now I've got to practice with photos and how to get good ones.  I also need a little setup to take good photos.  Any ideas?  Remember my New Year's "suggestions"?  Well, I have been doing better.  Better at cooking more often, house, and especially the cards!!  WOOHOO.

Have a good blessed day!


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  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my card for the OWH blog hop. Ohhhhh, don't agonize over making cards ! If you think you mess up, add something on top of it or flip the paper over. Cut out the "good parts"and use it on another. Relax, have fun and remember that many times, less really is more, just keep things clean and simple. As for your photographing of the cards, you can find all sorts of ideas out there for photo box set ups and such. So long as you have good light (near a window is perfect) and make sure your camera is focused on the card, you will do fine. No need to get all fancy with "staging" your creations.